Paper Selection and Review Procedure

The process of submitting, presenting, and publishing manuscript during the conference are written as follows:

  1. Abstract Selection

In this step, authors need to submit their abstract to the system. The abstract should be written in English, 100-200 words, and focused on one of these scopes : Biology and Biology Education, Chemistry and Chemistry Education, Mathematics and Mathematics Education, Physics and Physics Education, Science Education, Environment, Human Ecology, Environmental Education, Education for Suistainable Development, STEM Education, Statistics and Competer Sciences. In the abstract it is required to state the aims, methods, results, and implication of the research clearly. 

2.Blind Review

In this step, all of the presenting papers will be blindly reviewed by internal and external reviewers. Each paper will be reviewed by two reviewers. Some important aspects being reviewed are contribution, originality, relevance, and presentation. All of the presented papers are required to avoid plagiarism, falsification, forgery, and data manipulation. The review result can be seen directly in the system as soon as the reviewers click “send the result”. The comments in the reviewed papers are also anonymous, so both reviewers and authors can not find any information regarding the identity. In this step, all of the authors may identify their scores in the system. Moreover, The results of the review are divided into the different categories, they are rejected, minor revision required, major revision required, and accepted. 

3.Revised Paper

After getting the result of the review, the authors will revise the paper based on the comment of the reviewer and submit it again through the system. 

4.Second Review 

All of the revised papers will be evaluated by reviewers once again, check the plagiarism via turnitin (max 25%) and decide which papers are selected to be placed to the publication publishers through the system. 

5.Paper Acceptance

After the second review, the authors will be given the information about acceptance or rejection of the reviewed papers.